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Epoxy Floors

Polyaspartic Floor Refinishing

Do you have unsightly cracks, pits, or spalls that continue to get worse? Sick of that filthy garage floor? Maybe your basement floor is dull? We can bring those surfaces to life with a resinous floor system. Whether a quartz aggregate floor for your porch or patio, or full flake for your garage, we have the epoxy floor solution for you. We have state of the art equipment and only use the highest quality materials to ensure your project is done right and endures the test of time.

Grind & Seal

A durable, textured finish designed especially for the toughest flooring applications.
Epoxy floor

Full Flake Floors

Designed to increase the durability of your epoxy floors while offering a high-quality finish.
Epoxy Porch

Decorative Quartz

A low maintenance solution, and a popular choice for both commercial and residential uses.
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